NCNW Motto: ‘Solvitur ambulando’ ??

Ian spotted his letter in The Times last Friday:

“Sir, Of the bishops consecrated in recent months, 13 declared walking as an ‘interest’ in the government’s announcement of their appointment. ………. So the bishops of Sherborne, Edmonton, Grimsby, Gloucester, Hull, Taunton, Aston, Guildford, Liverpool, Hertford, Maidstone, Burnley and Manchester all mentioned walking. Only the Bishop of Grantham broke the mould, saying his hobby was running.

Has the Crown Nominations Committee adopted walking as a criterion for selecting bishops? Do they all meet for a strolling synod? How else can we explain the preponderance of perambulating prelates? Yours etc “

This was replied to a few days later with:

“Sir, It is easy to explain the fondness of bishops for walking. They are evidently all devotees of St Augustine, who said Solvitur ambulando (it is solved by walking). Sincerely yours…..”

What do you think??