Morecambe Bay Walk, Sept 2016

Morecambe Bay walkA post from NCNW Walk Leader, Ian Burgess

On Sunday 11th September Helen and I with eight friends from Goostrey, and perhaps 100 others, travelled up the southern bit of Cumbria to walk* across Morecambe Bay from Arnside on the south side of the River Kent estuary to Kents Bank on the northern side. It was just one of those most beautiful clear days and we were blessed with bright sunny weather so we could see for miles.

The estuary is renowned for its quicksands and fast moving incoming tide so all the walks are led by the Queen’s Official Guide, Cedric Robinson MBE, a role he has held for over 50 years! As Cedric is now in his 80s he drives a tractor (nearly as old) across the bay but we were ably shepherded across by his two (both late middle aged!) apprentices Andy and Barry – the latter a friend of our very own fellow Nordic Walker, Imelda.

After walking on terra firma across to Arnside Point we descended onto the sands and set off across the bay zigging and then zagging across the estuary. A t what seemed various random points, Cedric would be waiting for us to round us all up and collect the stragglers and then set off in a completely different direction, often with our backs to our destination. Currently the River Kent has split into two as it crosses the estuary and Cedric, armed with his arcane knowledge, knows where to avoid the quicksand, something we were rather grateful for as by now we were some miles away from the shore. The going was mainly good going across hard rippled sand but crossing the two channels – each about 200 yards wide – the water came up to our knees at the deepest but it was OK only a little harder to push through. Finally we turned in the direction of Kents Bank and so after a walk of three and a half hours and about 8 miles we once again reached solid ground.

What a day! The walk was so interesting and there were many a good story from Cedric and his apprentices. And Cedric, for all his years, knows the value of a selfie. What a star!

It was the last walk of the season but I’m sure he’ll be out again there next year. Strongly recommended!


*We walked in aid of Prevent Breast Cancer. Donate here >