‘Men-only’ Mondays

Here’s an overview from Peter of what the men’s Nordic Walking group has been doing over the summer.

Well done to the Monday Mainly Men’s Group on substantial progress over the last few months. This saw Kieron scorch the one-mile downhill from and to the cattle grids in just 13.46 seconds – only bettered by his uphill time of 13.28 seconds! How can he be quicker uphill you ask?…We don’t know!

Monday 3rd September saw a keen group of six do our 5.6 miles at an average of 15.41 minutes per mile. “A bit slow boys” so I will expect better once the summer excesses have worn off. But…it’s not all about speed is it?

Interesting conversation topics this summer have ranged from Diesel v. Petrol to French cheeses to Ice caves in Tatton to showering times on the A380!

Last month, we also had a guest lady join us who was training for a cancer charity walk in Derbyshire. We are delighted to report she exceeded her £££s target and her target time.

Also, we are delighted to welcome newcomers Barry and Paul, and invite you to come and join us.