Middle Distance Day Walks

We have introduced a new type of day walk this year. Middle Distance Training Walks (MDTW) as these 8-9 mile walks are now going to be called will give walkers who are accustomed to the 6 mile distance the opportunity to increase their mileage gradually.

Another issue for quite a few people is the travelling in rush hour traffic, so to avoid this we are going to start the walks at 10.00am, have a picnic lunch and aim to finish by 3.00pm.

The dates for the 2020 MDTW are:

  • Thursday 23rd JANUARY: Macclesfield Forest
  • Thursday 20th FEBRUARY: Delamere & Kelsall
  • Thursday 19th MARCH: Macclesfield Forest
  • Thursday 23rd APRIL: The Roaches
  • Thursday 21st MAY: Macclesfield Forest
  • Thursday 25th JUNE: TBA
  • Thursday 23rd JULY: Macclesfield Forest
  • Thursday 20th AUGUST: TBA
  • Thursday 24th SEPTEMBER: Macclesfield Forest
  • Thursday 29th OCTOBER: TBA

We are now taking bookings for these walks.