Lesu paws review

I have given the new Lesu paws a good testing over the last week on many types of terrain. I personally feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives so here are my conclusions.

Pros: The grip on all types of terrain is amazing – they never slip. You do not have to fiddle to position them correctly. They are very hard wearing – saves replacing traditional paws when the tread wears out.

Cons: They are a slightly ‘harder’ material so there is a little more vibration coming through the pole when on tarmac. They seem to be stuck on – maybe it’s just me but I can’t get them off now! This may mean that you are less likely to lose them in mud or down a grid, which I think is a major positive.

So all in all – I really like them. I will be doing an order before the end of the month so please let me know if you would like some.