Margaret’s Story – an Update!

I have the results from Margaret Walker’s New Year Race in Vienna!
Many of you know the story of Margaret Walker, who came to us in June 2015 having made a pact with her daughter to enter the Silvesterlauf New Year’s Eve Fun Run around the Vienna Ringstrasse.

To recap, here is her story:

New year’s Eve 2014 found me standing on a snowy pavement in Vienna with my daughter. We were cheering on my son-in-law and two grown-up grandchildren as they ran by in the Silvesterlauf, a New Year’s Eve fun run held annually.  I commented on the Nordic Walkers taking part. “I’ve often thought about entering for the walk,” said Kate, “But I didn’t fancy doing it on my own.” She laughed, “How about you and me entering next year!”  Without thinking and  looking  her straight in the eye, I said, “You’re on! ” Back home, I thought I ought to find out a bit more about Nordic Walking.

June 2015: At last I found a Nordic Walking group close to home and I arranged my taster session with Bev.  Dear Reader, I was hooked. The Friday walk is between 5 and 6 miles. The Vienna Ringstrasse is just over 3 miles – sorted. When I explained my interest to Bev she was at once positive and encouraging. The humid summer months were difficult, but I persevered, only missing about one walk. As the weather grew cooler my pace and stamina increased allowing me to keep up with the ‘front group’ on the odd occasion. Everyone in the group was so encouraging and confident in my capabilities that I knew I could not let them down.

New Year’s Eve 2015

Distance:  5.3k  Time: 49.52 mins  Speed:  6.41 kph (4 mph)
107 Nordic Walkers – My position 64th
77 Women N Walkers        ”            44th
7 Women N Walkers over 70yrs – My position 3rd

Am I continuing? Well, just before Christmas I paid for the next set of seven walks…

Margaret’s stamina has improved so much over the last 12 months that she is regularly out with the front group setting the pace for us at the Friday morning Fitness walk.
Her results for New Year’s Eve 2016 were:
  • Time: 48:43
  • Out of a total of 114 walkers – 54th place
  • Out of 85 lady walkers – 32nd place
  • Out of Ladies over 70 – 3rd place
Third again! But there was only 1 sec between 2nd and 3rd place!
Well done, Margaret – what a fantastic achievement to knock over a minute off your PB and move up the rankings in every category.