What’s in Bev’s Rucksack?

Have you ever wondered what’s in my trusty old rucksack that goes everywhere with me? Well here goes:

  • Emergency Contact List – we are currently updating this and trying to get the information onto our phones as well as the hard copy. Please let me know if you wish to change your nominated person who we would contact in the event of an accident
  • Survival Bag – a durable, lightweight bag which offers protection from the elements in the event of an accident and keeps you warm. It can also be used to signal for attention
  • First Aid Kit – All the usual stuff plus blister plasters, Sudocrem (wonderful stuff – cures everything), a tick removal tool and an insect bite zapper
  • Knee support – provides compressive support for unstable knees, always handy for injuries, strains or inflammation
  • Compass, OS Map of the area, Torch and Whistle
  • Sun Cream, Insect repellent, Hand sanitiser, Baby wipes and Tissues
  • Kendal Mint Cake – emergency use only! Very handy if someone has a sugar drop. Very low blood sugar is a medical emergency, but if anyone is experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, they need to eat or drink 15 grams of easily digestible carbohydrates. Kendal Mint Cake is ideal for this as it is almost pure sugar. Only thing is, it’s so moreish, 15g is never enough, especially the dark chocolate-coated variety!!

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