Review of May 2019 Walks

Anglesey Day Walk

The first Thursday of May saw a large group of us heading down to Anglesey to meet for breakfast before heading off on an epic adventure from Brynsciencyn to the far side of Newborough Forest, 14.5 miles (flat) of lanes, farmland, pebble beaches, gorgeous sandy beaches, dunes and woodland. One of the highlights of the day was the time we spent exploring Llanddwyn which is not quite an island, it remains attached to the mainland at all but the highest tides. It has a very serene yet captivating atmosphere. It provides excellent views of Snowdonia and the Lleyn Peninsula and is part of the Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve.

“Nothing wins hearts like cheerfulness” – St. Dwynwen

Check out this link for information about the history of the Island including the story of St. Dwynwen.
Another highlight of our day was learning about the fascinating ‘pillow lava’. These mounds of rock were formed 580 million years ago by undersea volcanic eruptions; as the hot molten rock met the cold seawater a balloon-like skin was formed, which then filled with more lava, forming the characteristic pillow shape. Many thanks to our in-house Geologist, Kate, who explained the mysteries of these unique examples of very ancient rock.

Bluebell Walks

So, in spite of very mixed weather for the Bluebell walks we had a great turnout for the Tuesday walk. The bluebells were magnificent as usual, even though they were just slightly past their prime, which we decided would be due to the warm weather we had at Easter.

MASSIVE THANK YOUS to everyone who contributed to our spread of delicious cakes for the charity walks. Every morsel was consumed – the cake not eaten by us was served to hungry cyclists who were doing the 55 mile Goostrey Big Charity Bike Ride for Nell’s Foundation.

The coffee/cake donations and the walk money for the Bluebell walks raised just under £300 which is fantastic. Thank You again to everyone for your participation. This total also includes some of the sponsorship for Ian doing his ballet class for The UK Sepsis Trust. Let me know if you haven’t seen the video/photos.