Trigonos Nordic Walking & Yoga Retreat

The first Love Yoga Love Life & Nordic Walking Retreat was a resounding success.

It was held at Trigonos, which is a Education Retreat Centre on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. It is nestled at the foothills of Snowdon, overlooking a beautiful lake, and not far from a gorgeous stretch of Welsh coastline.

Trigonos is well known for the quality of the vegetarian and vegan meals that are imaginatively cooked using fresh produce, much of it from their own land, where they grow fresh veggies and salads without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

There was a total of nine sessions of Hatha Yoga. This was a combination of meditation, relaxation and restorative yoga, led by Melanie and Ione, both  inspirational yoga instructors. Melanie’s warm and open teaching style introduced us to the positive psychological effects of yoga and gave us the understanding that yoga is far more than just a physical exercise as it benefits both the body and the mind.

Over the three days we Nordic walked almost 30 miles and 58,500 steps! This was in spite of enduring very wet conditions for one and half days. Apparently the average annual rainfall for Snowdon is 4 metres! I think we had quite a large percentage of that whilst we were there!

We walked the promenades and the beaches of the nearby coast; we walked the stunning Bedgellert Forest tracks and trails and we walked around the lovely valley and lake on the doorstep of the retreat.

“I cannot believe that I did not put any weight on as I felt that I ate so much wonderful food – it was so tasty that I couldn’t stop eating it!

I feel as though my body was detoxed and cleansed but also revitalised due to all the nutrients that my body received.” Bev

 “The place, the food, the Yoga, the walks & (most important) the company was fantastic & I would love to do it all again soon! 

Thanks again Bev, Melanie & Ione for making it such a memorable experience & one I will remember for a very long time to come.” Sue