Coronavirus update – June 2020

I just wanted to update you, in the light of the new Government guidelines from the beginning of June and also let you know that Tatton Park has reopened the parkland to cars, cyclists and walkers. 

I said last month that I was not planning any Nordic walking in June, but with the introduction of the new regulations it’s very tempting to reinstate a pre-Corona schedule of walks.

However, after having thought through the practicalities from every angle, I have decided to stick with the original plan for several reasons.

I feel that the groups of six people, which would actually be five and one instructor, is too restrictive. We have always kept a very flexible approach to attendance which works really well for our walkers. I would prefer not to introduce a booking system which would potentially mean having to say some walkers can’t come when they want to and if booked, would then commit you to turning up ‘come rain or shine.’

I also think we need to understand the impact of mixing households and how it affects the infection rate and this will take a few weeks to become apparent. As it is the number of confirmed cases is still rising in Cheshire East and it would be devastating if we were to unknowingly spread the virus amongst our group.

I know that many of our walkers are keen to get Nordic walking as a group again but I think we need to be patient, just for a few more weeks. It’s important to make sure that we consider everyone’s health and wellbeing and do not increase the risk of undoing all the sacrifices we have already made.

In the meantime, I really do hope that you understand and that my reasoning makes sense.

I am desperately hoping that we will be stomping around our beautiful countryside, Nordic nattering, and comparing our Mediterranean style suntans very soon.  

– Bev